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    Child Television Addiction in Children

    WHAT IS TELEVISION ADDICTION? Television addiction is one of the types of addiction that takes place in the lives of many children and sometimes leaves its place to phone addiction. Television addiction causes children not to fulfill their responsibilities in daily life, starting from a young...
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    WHAT IS CRYSTAL INDIGO CHILD? Indigo children are called children with special and extraordinary abilities. It is impossible not to notice indigo children, who have a more developed intelligence and skills than their peers. The idea of indigo, which was developed by Nancy Ann Tappe in the...
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    Mom Breast Release in Babies

    The advice of both the World Health Organization and the medical science is to breastfeed for two years if the babies are breastfeeding.
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    I think we should keep our kids away from screens. Screen addiction is one of the biggest factors that trigger autism.
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    Child Working Moms and their Babies and Nursery

    Unfortunately, in order to win in life, you need to work and earn money. It is very difficult to leave our babies and children, but money is needed to buy food and diapers for them. The caregiver is the best solution. It is difficult to trust people. A camera system is absolutely necessary.
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    Child How to Spend Time with Children

    How to Spend Time with Children Spending productive time with children is of great importance. Regardless of age, all children's parents or people responsible for their growth need a good relationship with them in an environment where they feel productive, fun and safe. Taking care of...
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    WHAT ARE THE SYMPTOMS OF TEETH IN BABIES? Teething symptoms are seen in babies in the first 4th and 6th months. While the teething process is known as a troublesome and painful process, there are several solutions for you to get through this process easily. Teething symptoms in babies: Do...
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    Child How to Treat Children

    How to Treat Children Children are sensitive and fragile individuals. Although it may seem very difficult to find a place in their hearts, their little hearts immediately recognize love. Behavior towards children also turns you into a kind-hearted individual. The reason for this is that the...
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    Baby What You Need to Know About Baby Care

    THINGS YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT BABY CARE Baby care is one of the types of care that not everyone can easily perform. Many people prefer to use ordinary methods of baby care. Among these types of care from the past to the present, it is very important to use methods that will not harm your...
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    WHAT IS DYSLEXIA? Dyslexia is a learning disability that causes problems in language skills, reading or writing, even though the intelligence level is normal or above normal. Dyslexia is generally manifested as a reading disorder in children. Dyslexia, which also affects attention and...
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    Child Reading Habits in Children

    Today is called the age of technology, but this age of technology takes many of our habits from us. Unfortunately, one of the biggest habits it has taken from us is the fluidity of reading books. Even today's young people look away from reading, but today's children do not even have the habit...
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    Mom Burning Foot in Pregnant Women

    I am currently pregnant and feel foot burning. It was really a very useful article. I have to go to a doctor right away. Thank you so much.
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    Mom Pregnancy and foot pain: how mothers-to-be can relieve aching toes

    At some stage in pregnancy, it's not unusual for ladies to experience an array of aches and pains all around the frame. Amongst these complaints are worn-out, swollen, achy toes- a not unusual and painful symptom experienced by means of moms-to-be all through their 9 months of being pregnant...
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    Baby One week pregnant signs and symptoms

    One week pregnant signs and symptoms At one week pregnant—bear in mind, at this early stage, the signs you're experiencing are the ones traditional on your duration because you are not honestly pregnant. Those signs and symptoms might also remaining from 3 to seven days and may consist of...
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    Test Tube Baby Check tube infant: recognise why and how it's miles carried out

    Check tube infant: recognise why and how it's miles carried out The term “check tube toddler” was first used in 1978 with the a success start of louise joy brown in england, thanks to the development of the assisted duplicate method (artwork) called in-vitro fertilisation (ivf) via pioneering...
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    Premature Baby Premature toddler care recommendations at home

    Premature babies are babies which can be born approximately three weeks before their anticipated due date. Some other manner of placing it would be a baby that is born earlier than the start of the 37th week of being pregnant. Premature delivery is dangerous for the infant because the baby has...
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    Foster Family - Adoption About Foster Parenting

    Foster parents exchange lives—both the youngsters’s and their very own Every 12 months, 1 / 4 of a million children come into foster care in this usa. Lots of them will be placed in group homes or different institution residential settings due to the fact there are actually no longer sufficient...
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    Disabled Child Disabled Youngsters

    1. Definition Youngsters with a incapacity are youngsters first and primary, and deserving of the same rights and protection as other children. By definition, any baby with a incapacity ought to also be considered as a baby in want. A toddler may be considered to be disabled if he or she has...
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    Child Emotional law in kids A whole guide

    Emotional law isn't a talent we're born with. Babies’ mood can swing like a pendulum. Helping our youngsters learn how to self-regulate is amongst mother and father’ most vital responsibilities. This newsletter will take a look at how emotional self-law develops and how we will help our children...
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    Premature Baby Backing Your Premature Baby's Development at Home

    Like all infants, untimely children need their folks' adoration and backing to develop and flourish. They additionally need somewhat more an ideal opportunity to become familiar with the rest of the world and may not yet have the option to handle their environmental factors similarly full-term...