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    Baby Birthmarks and Skin Diseases of Newborns

    Birthmarks are spots on the skin of babies that have existed since the mother womb. These spots are usually harmless and do not affect the vital functions of the baby. Birthmarks with imaging devices can be noticed by the doctor before birth. Birthmarks can occur anywhere on the baby’s face or...
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    Test Tube Baby How To Make An In Vitro Fertilization (IVF)?

    In vitro fertilization (IVF) method is a long-used assisted reproductive technique applied to couples who cannot have children. “In vitro fertilization” is one of the most preferred infertility treatments today. In cases where unexplained infertility, infection, blockage in tubes, poor sperm...
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    Baby How should skin care be given to newborn babies?

    The skin of newborn babies is very sensitive. Therefore, parents should take care of their babies’ skin care. There are many details that parents should pay attention to. In this article we will tell you about them. First of all, if possible, wash and dry your baby's butt with warm water in...
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    Baby Recommendations For Discharge From Hospital To Home

    First of all when the disease process ends, it is an important process for patients to return home again. There are many things to consider in this process such as cleaning the room that the patient stays and paying attention too medicines. Firstly, the room which the patient is staying should...
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    Soru ? Bebeğinizi Nasıl Uyutuyorsunuz ?

    bizimki başlarda beşikte kendi başına uyuyordu, sonrasında kucağa alıştığı için tek başına uyuyamıyor.
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    Baby Newborn Babies Care Guide

    Proper care in the newborn period is a process that has important effects on the baby's overall health. For this reason, new parents are experiencing serious anxiety. The environment and personal care of the newborn baby is very important. The first 28-day period after birth is considered the...
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    Baby Attention to frequent vomiting babies!

    Vomiting is a very common finding in babies and children. Vomiting can be a harbinger of important illnesses or it can be stated as a temporary situation that usually seen in the simple and growing period of children. This situation, which worries the mothers especially when the babies are born...
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    Baby How to understand mental retardation in newborn baby?

    Mental retardation is that the level of development that the child is in does not coincide with the cognitive functions. Their ability to make logical plans, problem solving, abstract thinking, understanding complex thoughts, learning fast and benefiting from experience is not in line with the...
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    Prematüre Bebek 7 Aylık Yegenim Hidrosefali ve Fizik Tedaviye Başladı

    Herkese selamlar. Yegenim 7 aylık doğdu ve doğumdan kısa süre sonrasında beyin kanaması geçirdi. Bir süre sonra da bebeğin hidrosefali olduğunu öğrendik. Kısa süre içerisinde ameliyat oldu ve beynine şant takıldı. Vücudu şantı kabul etmeyince, bir kere dışarı çıkarıldı ve bir süre sonra yeniden...
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    Baby How to Choose the Right Diaper for Newborn Babies?

    When you consider your baby's needs, you should definitely make the most important and correct choice in the diaper and when searching for diapers, you can see that the options are endless. Unfortunately, you will not know which brand you choose compared to in terms of absorbency, harmony and...
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    Premature Baby Premature Baby

    Babies born at the 37th week and under fall into the premature baby group. Babies born under 32 weeks are considered as advanced degree premature babies. After that this babies born before normal birth may have some difficulty adapting to their new life after the womb and therefore need special...
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    Baby Physical Development in Newborn Babies

    A newborn baby weighs an average of 2,800 to 3,500 grams and is 50 cm tall. The baby's head is quite large compared to his body when he is born and in the months following birth, and he has difficulty in carrying and controlling his head. In this period, you need to prop your baby's head. The...
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    Baby Development of The Baby in Mother’s Womb

    The motherhood is both a challenging and long journey. Mothers go into an endless cycle, With the birth of a baby. Therefore, every mother should learn the correct development information for her baby's health. In this article, we will give you information about the development of the baby in...
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    Baby Baby's Development In The First Month

    After your 9 months of pregnancy, you took your baby in your arms in a healthy way. Now it's time to get used to living with it. Although this acclimation process is difficult at first, it will actually pass easily while following your baby's development. Let's look together at the developments...
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    Doğum, kadınların hayatındaki en muhteşem ve en mucizevi olaydır. Her genç kadın anne olmak, dünyaya yeni bir insan getirme duygusunu tatmak ister. Anne adayları karınlarında taşıdıkları bebekle beraber gelişimi, heyecanı, sevinci, endişeyi, acıyı ve bunun gibi duygusal durumları bir arada...