Baby Community Rules Baby Community Rules

Baby Community Rules
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28 Haz 2017
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Baby Community Rules

Baby Community
Established: 07-June-2017

Baby, Child, Mother Platform - Baby, Child, Mother Platform is a social networking platform for providing various supplementary information. It will be referred to as Baby Community for short.

1- The forum member who writes completely in the messages written in Baby Community is responsible. Bebek Forum accepts no responsibility for the articles written by individuals.

2- Baby Community in the Republic of Turkey laws or international laws, treaties, statutes violate forum messages can not be sent to the baby.

3- No provocative and humiliating articles can be written about the Communities in Baby Community. (For example: Turkish, Kurdish, Armenian, Jewish, Circassian, Black, Indian, Arab, Gypsy, Roman, Russian, Immigrant.)

4- To send hateful or abundant spam messages against threatening, abusive, customs and customs in Baby Community; sending messages and using materials for discrimination based on religion, language and race; It is forbidden to show dismissive behavior to forum managers and users.

5- In the Baby Community, it is forbidden to write only propaganda and political articles that are not intended to comment.

6- All kinds of harassing articles are forbidden in Baby Community.

7- It is strictly forbidden to write all the message content in capital letters in Bebek Forum.

8- In Baby Community, it is forbidden to ask your site to be visited, to advertise a "product" that is sold or mediated on your site, and to promote all commercially concerned messages and crack, warez, hack appz and similar sites.

9- No image can be used in Baby Community, except for the tutorial or sample images. No image can be added to signatures.

10- Baby Community administrators have the right to change and delete messages that do not comply with the rules.

11- Members who do not obey the rules of Baby Community are warned by the administrators and banned in our system in the repetition of the behavior.

12- The right to update Baby Community rules or to add new ones is always reserved by forum administrators.

13- Membership can be deleted in Baby Community. User name is changed as "Name-deleted-user-1 ..". However, it is not possible to delete articles, messages, topics written by the user in question.

14- Baby Community All kinds of copyrighted posts are prohibited. Crack, warez, mp3 etc ...

15- Baby Community Internet services; Baby, Child, Mother Platform is an internet forum site. Other than that, it is strictly forbidden to use. Privacy principles Your Personal Information: The personal information you enter while the Baby is a member of the Forum will be seen only by the forum administrators. You can change at any time the information you have entered.

16- Baby Community Use and Cookies: Cookies will not use (cookies) as a personal information collection tool by us.

17- Baby Community on the social sharing platform serving as an internet forum information sharing site; According to Article 8 of the Law No. 5651 and Article 125 of the Turkish Republic, the person who makes the sharing is responsible for the entire content. Bebek Forum cannot be held responsible for legal problems that may arise from the content posted by members. If all legal notices about the posts in the forum are notified via the communication channel, the notification will be answered within 10 (ten) days at the latest and the requested content will be removed.

18- The information written on Baby Community Social Sharing Platform is the information written by the members. It cannot be used for diagnosis and treatment purposes. Consult your doctor strictly in every application.

19- All topics and messages posted on the Forum in Baby Community cannot be deleted and edited due to major malfunctions in our database. You should write all the topics and messages you will write, paying attention to this rule.

Anyone who is a member of Bebek Community is deemed to have accepted these terms. Despite the warnings, members who violate the rules are canceled and removed from the site.

Welcome to Baby Community. Thanks.
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