Child Distraction and Focusing Problems in Children


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27 Tem 2022
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According to the information given by child development experts; As a result of the controls made on children in the last year, they stated that they work with approximately 1000 - 1500 children on average and that 85% of the children have Distraction and Focusing Problems in Children.

Experts; They stated that the erroneous attitudes of parents and educators, their exposure to lively, rapid stimuli (screen addiction) and the destruction caused by the pandemic process are the common point of Distraction and Focusing Problem in Children.

In addition, experts stated that those who are faced with Distraction and Focusing Problems in Children, have the same feature of focusing problems while "studying, doing homework, solving exam questions".

As a result of group and individual studies, the experts stated that by constantly training the short-term memory, they both cleared their blocked perceptions and cleared children from flawed thoughts and beliefs, thus giving them the ability to focus on their occupations more easily, quickly and for a long time.

If Children Have Distraction and Focusing Problems;

1- If the child is interested in other things after a minute when he/she sits down to study;

2- If the child loses his head when he/she reaches the end of the exam question,

3- When the child tries to read a book, if he/she cannot focus on what he/she read after two paragraphs and needs to read it again

4- If the child jumps from subject to subject while trying to do his homework,

5- If the child cannot achieve the desired result in the exams despite studying,

in your child; He has Distraction and Concentration Problems. You can involve your child in attention and focus activities accompanied by a Specialist Psychologist.