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11 May 2020
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Family pressure is one of the types of pressure that negatively affects the formation of the character of children from all age groups. The person begins to live a life in line with the oppressive rules of his family, unable to express his thoughts, wishes, feelings, right and wrongs about himself. While situations such as introversion, depression, and character fading are observed in many families of children who cannot rebel, situations such as intra-familial conflict, violence, and leaving home occur in families of children who can oppose the situation.

In our world where oppression of any kind is not true, the unconsciousness of the family, backward thoughts and stereotyped moral judgments have a great place in the pressures on children that prevent them from living their lives as they wish. It is one of the situations observed in many families that families who cannot keep up with the times create unnecessary and tyrannical pressure on their children.

While family pressure causes the child to distance himself from both his family and himself, it causes him to realize oppressive attitudes in the society at a later age without realizing that he is wrong. No parent should consider children who have come to their senses and know what is right and wrong as their own property, and should accept that they are free individuals that they have brought into the world. Family pressure, which occurs in many families in different ways, can also be measured by different behaviors.


religious oppression
home entry-exit printing
Don't mess with friends
Don't mess with clothing
Don't mess with destinations
Don't worry about who to talk to or not.
Marriage pressure
Force an arranged marriage
profession pressure
school edition

There are so many different prints. Some of them are among the pressures that will harm people mentally and some of them physically. Every human being has the right to continue his life in line with his own ideas and wishes after a while. In families who say that they put pressure on their child to protect them from future harm, every healthy-minded parent should know that they can show their goodness to their child without putting pressure on them.

Children can live in accordance with their religious beliefs without pressure. They can also adapt to you as long as you do not become stubborn and do not use violence at the time of entry and exit from the house. In your lifestyle that reflects your family structure, they can decide for themselves what to wear and where to go. In children who are adults, you can prevent damage to them with only minor controls. The tendency to lie and violence is more common in children of oppressive families. In such cases, it will be best for your family structure and rules to raise children who will be honest with you and not build a wall between you.


Family pressure brings with it many diseases. The children you cause to live outside of their free will become robots that do what you say without objection. In such cases, the child sees himself only as a puppet and thinks that he continues his life by fulfilling the tasks given. On the other hand, children who are constantly silent in order to avoid problems start to have psychological disorders after a while.

Children who cannot make their own decisions become depressed and withdrawn. After a while, this situation causes him to distance himself from his environment, become lonely and inclined to harm himself. Suicide attempts are also associated with children who do not see life as worth living. Pressure is a behavior that causes people to go astray when they realize that they are individuals who can not express their thoughts on the contrary. It would be best for parents who are dominated by this thought to receive psychological support from experts.

When raising a child, it should not be forgotten that he also has thoughts, ideas, minds, wishes and dreams. Just as every parent has their own life, their children also have a life that they should live freely and to the fullest.