Digressive 5 Sports Moves to Lose Weight


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27 Tem 2022
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Cardio exercises are essential for the body to switch to fat burning. All of the exercises that increase our heart rate are called "cardio exercises" and they are quite simple to do at home.

What are Cardio Exercises?

Step-aerobics, conditions that start with a light tempo and continue with a fast pace, exercise activities such as jumping rope are the simplest exercises known for people to burn fat faster and lose weight.

Weight Loss in 5 Steps

1) Skipping rope: Skipping rope can be one of the exercises that can be done at home. All that is needed is a thick rope and suitable sneakers. Although there are different types and styles of jumping rope, if the goal is only to switch to fat burning quickly, the straight rope skipping technique from childhood is continued.

2) Step: No matter how much a step board seems to be needed, all of the jumping and bouncing movements can be considered as steps. So there is actually no need for a stepper board. To give a simple example; The person can open his legs by jumping and close both legs by jumping again. This move can take an average of one minute and then move on to another move.

3) Running: We can continue our exercise, which we started with a light tempo, by counting on our place, for an average of 15 seconds by pulling our knees up quickly. We can continue the same movements for 1 minute light jogging, 15 seconds by pulling our knees towards ourselves until we get tired.

4) Dancing: It is possible to dance with any movement that can be done with live music without the need for a certain style. Also, you don't have to be embarrassed because no one will see you.

5) Squat: Squat is the movement of squatting, where the feet are shoulder-width apart and the waist is kept straight. If it is difficult to do as mentioned, it can be done with the help of a chair. In front of the chair, the legs are spread shoulder-width apart, the arms are kept parallel to the floor and sit and stand. The movement starts slowly and continues quickly.

All movements should average 30 seconds, 1 minute for beginners.