Babies and Books


Babies and Books

Today is called the age of technology. And the biggest disadvantage of this age is that it removes books from our lives for most of us. However, books have great benefits for people of all ages. The benefits of books on babies are too great to be underestimated.

Benefits of Books for Babies

When you buy a book for your baby, you actually lay the foundations of a new bond between you and him. In the time you spend reading, your baby will feel you and your voice very well, and this will help increase the bond between you and him.

Thanks to the peace your baby feels when you read a book to your baby, your baby can go to sleep more comfortably. This is a huge plus for both him and you. The moment of transition to a peaceful sleep provides your baby with a long and healthy sleep, this is also the beginning of long time you can spare for yourself.

Reading to your baby and maybe asking him questions can help your baby acquire the behaviors that he will gain in the future, earlier and healthier. Making connections between events and people, understanding about time and space may be behaviors that your baby may acquire earlier in the future.

Reading the sounds of people or animals in the books you read by changing your own tone of voice will increase your baby's sensitivity to sounds. This is an important situation for your baby's cognitive development.

Reading books develops your baby's or child's imagination. This is a great addition to your baby's creativity in the future.

The more books you read to your baby, the more your baby will travel to different worlds. He has experienced many events in these worlds and learns the solutions at the end of these events almost by living. This will prepare him for the problems he may experience in his future life. The speed in problem solving of children, who are aware of the fact that the problem they encounter is not the first time, is noticeable.

With each book you read to your baby or child, you will gain him dozens of friends, friends and people from whom he can learn something. This will give him the ability to communicate easily with people and to empathize in the future.

Features of Books to Buy for Babies

The most important point when buying a book for babies is the choice of the subject of the book. Since babies' minds are quite open during this period, the baby immediately memorizes the good or bad subject. Since it cannot distinguish between good and bad, this can create unwanted situations for your baby. For this reason, if you have the opportunity, you should take a look at the pages of the book before buying the book. If you don't have the time, you should definitely do a good research before buying the book.

When choosing books, those with lots of pictures will be more productive in terms of your baby's imagination. In addition to helping your baby come to life in his mind, it will also be a good move for your baby's cognitive development to follow you through the pictures on the page.

The structural materials of the books you choose for your baby can be very important. For this reason, you can choose books made of fabric for your babies, this allows your baby to take the book in their hands and is more preferable in terms of safety. Buying moving books in the future can be a remarkable sign for your baby. Moving books can be more useful for babies or children to love books.

Apart from reading books, activity books or coloring books can also be very useful for your children. The fact that they have done an activity or painted a picture gives them confidence.

These activities, which you have done in infancy and early childhood, are very useful in building habits that are permanent in your child.
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