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11 May 2020
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Vaccine is called a solution that protects people of all age groups against certain diseases and is given to the body to reduce the severity of the diseases to be passed. Vaccination has an important place in human life from an early age. Due to the developing technology and today's communication system, there has been the production of false information about vaccines, and with this, deviations have occurred in the views of many people about vaccines.

Infant vaccines are among the vaccines that are vital for children from the first moment they are born. The bodies of babies whose immune system is not fully developed need vaccines in order to remove possible diseases and prevent harm. The doctor should be visited regularly with the vaccination calendar and the process should be continued until all vaccinations are completed. It should not be forgotten that babies who are not fully vaccinated may be carriers of diseases and may harm not only themselves but also the babies around them. It is very important for the health of the children that the parents act meticulously in this regard.

What is the Baby Immunization Schedule?

There is a vaccination report card that your doctor and family doctor will give you after the birth. In this vaccination report, it is written in which month and which vaccination you should have. You can get the vaccines against which diseases by asking your doctor and family doctor or by doing a short research on the internet.

First postnatal vaccination: Hepatitis B

1st month: Hepatitis B

2nd month: DTPa- Polyo- Meningitis

3rd month: tuberculosis

4th month: DTPa- Polyo- Meningitis

6th month: DTPa-Polyo- Meningitis- HepatitisB

12th month: Chickenpox- Measles- Rubella- Mumps

18th month: DTPa- Polyo- Meningitis

24th month: Hepatic A- HepatitisB

30th month: Hepatitis A

Many vaccines are necessary for infant health.

What Happens If Baby Vaccines Are Not Made?

Vaccination is vital in infants and ensures the prevention of carrier-infectious diseases. If you are not vaccinated, you put both your child and the people around you at risk. The loss of life as a result of vaccines not administered in infants whose immune system is not fully formed is at a serious rate.

Where Are Baby Vaccines Made?

Baby vaccines are made in family health centers or hospitals.

What kind of problems are experienced in babies who are not vaccinated?

Persistent diseases

Reproduction of viruses that can progress to the brain as a result of measles

loss of life

Common diseases

infectious disease

Mental problems as a result of carrier disease

Many such problems are prevented with the help of vaccines. As a result of vaccine refusal, it is inevitable that such problems will be experienced to a greater or lesser extent. Every family should first consider the health of their own children and then the health of other children and have regular vaccinations. Experts in the field state that the vaccines that are not applied will not make any sense later on.

Can I Make Vaccine Refusal?

Despite all the warnings, if you are still anti-vaccine, it is possible to reject the vaccine by ignoring the possibility of many diseases.

Do Vaccines Have Side Effects?

Vaccines have side effects. In some cases, the date of vaccination should be postponed and then the vaccine should be administered. Vaccination should not be administered to infants with moderate or severe febrile illness during the illness. The second dose of the vaccine is definitely not administered to babies who have had a reaction to a dose of the vaccine. Vaccines containing substances to which infants are allergic and sensitive are also not administered.

Baby vaccinations are one of the processes that should be taken very seriously and should never be ignored. Parents should be made aware of the opposition to vaccination, which can cause loss of life, and they should participate in free vaccination seminars provided by the state. Baby vaccinations are the first step in improving the quality of life of every child and are the first gift parents should give to their children.