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30 Haz 2019
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Baby Walking: Tips About Your Child's First Steps

In the first years, your baby learns a lot of stuff about the real world. The most special development for many parents is learning when their babies will walk. Most babies first learn to sit, roll and crawl before they start to walk. Some babies skip crawling and start directly walking. Let's talk about baby walking.

Most babies learn to walk on the hand between 8 and 15 months. On average, a child takes first steps around 14 to 15 months. Independent walking of a child may vary for each child. It's not unusual for the child to start walking at 18 months. It is also normal to walk on their own before their first birthday. So you don't have to worry about it as a parent.

A toddler (from the age of 18 months) develops a better balance, becomes more agile, learns to run, climb on chairs, cycle on a balance bike, ride a tricycle, play with a ball and jump.

Tips For Baby Walking

Your baby must learn to walk at his/her own pace. You can take the following recommendation about your baby's first steps.
  • A slippery surface is not suitable for a baby to learn to walk. Make sure the area where your child is trying to walk is safe for him.
  • Give your child time and space to practice regularly. If your child practices too much about walking, your baby will learn to walk much more comfortably.
  • Falling and standing up is part of learning to walk. However, you should provide an environment in which babies can fall relatively safely. Always stay close when your baby is just learning to walk.
  • Compliment your baby as much as possible. If you are clapping and speaking to him encouragingly, his self-confidence grows. Thus, he/she will be happy, and he/she will walk quickly.
  • When your child starts walking on their own, he/she will want to be always on the move. He/she will want to push or drag things in your home. Therefore, make sure he/she has an environment where he can play safely.
Also, you can check out this Wikipedia page for more information about child development stages. Stay safe!

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