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18 May 2022
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The baby is the name that a person gets from the moment of birth, which is the smallest state of a person, to the period of walking.

A newborn baby needs its parents in every way. A healthy baby's weight is 3.2 kilograms and its height can be between 35-50 centimeters. The baby boy weight may be slightly higher than the baby girl weight.

It is very important to follow the development of the baby closely in the first months and to take care of the baby closely during this time. In the first months, the baby can reflexively move his hands and feet. He can lift his head even for a very short time while lying on his face. It may try to create walking movements when kept upright in the air. At first, babies see in black and white. After a while, it watches bright and moving objects and people moving around. He likes to be addressed. Hearing becomes stronger over time and takes steps to react to sounds. She loves to hear her parents hug and heartbeat, especially her mother. Babies especially know and recognize their mother's heartbeat from the womb. If the mother hugs her, such as if the baby is crying, is restless and has no bigger problems (napping and getting hungry or pain), the mother will calm down from her breath and voice.

Baby and nutrition

It is very important for the baby to be fed with breast milk for at least the first 6 months from birth, and it is very good if it is breastfed for 2 years. Because breast milk contains all the nutrients necessary for the development of babies, it gives them the immune system against infectious diseases. No food can replace breast milk. Breastfeeding also positively affects the mental healthy development of the baby between mother and baby.

baby and sleep

Newborns sleep 17-18 hours a day in the first weeks. In the 3rd month, the baby's sleeping situation may be around 15 hours a day. However, this sleep may never exceed 2-3 hours. 4-5 hours of daytime sleep in 3-6 months. By the 9th month, daytime sleep can be shortened by an hour. Babies have about 3 hours of nap during the day at this time. Night sleep was extended to an average of 11 hours. This order lasts until about the 18th month. After the 18th month, the baby's daily sleep time may begin to decrease.

baby and bath

In the beginning, all your newborn needs are a sponge bath with a warm, damp cloth. Wait for the umbilical cord to fall off before giving your baby his first tub bath, which is usually ten to 14 days after birth.

When your pup is ready to get in the tub, it's okay to just use water. If you use soap, choose a mild soap made for babies so that it doesn't irritate their skin.

Remember that bathing two or three times a week may be okay (especially if your pup doesn't like baths). Babies don't sweat like adults or get dirty like toddlers, so regular baths are less of a necessity.

Baby and vaccines

Timely vaccinations are vital for the baby's defense against diseases and healthy development and growth.