Child Brotherhood in Children


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18 May 2022
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Brotherhood in Children

A sibling is the most important detail that a child needs while growing up. The bonds of brotherhood are the bonds of teaching that best develop a person. The skills that a child will learn when he has a sibling vary considerably compared to children who do not have siblings.

Advantages of Children with Siblings

Children with siblings will learn to share faster than other children. Learning to share toys, books, paints from a young age will help them get used to it more easily in their future years.

When a child has a sibling, he will also gain a friend, so the child who is a constant companion at home will develop a sense of unity more easily than other children. Acting together will show a more positive attitude in group activities.

Children with siblings grow up recognizing personal boundaries. Because having a child other than himself at home will help him understand the areas of freedom even more.

Children with siblings have stronger social relations. This will be the best example that can be attended to a child. Because children who grow up alone are used to living introverted just because they are themselves. And the social circles they enter in later life will seem intimidating to them. But a child with a sibling will communicate with peers much more easily.

Elements to Consider Between Siblings

Family planning is of great importance for both parents and children in this process. If there is an unconscious process without family planning, it can be very difficult. One of the biggest examples of this is the division of the mother's attention. Children are also called mother's lambs. It represents the bond with the mother. If you make a sibling to your child before he/she has fully established the relationship with the mother and is not ready for another person to come between the mother and the mother, this child will have a negative reaction, negative attitudes and behaviors towards his/her sibling. Therefore, family planning is very important.

"Look, you're a brother or sister now, don't do it, don't act like that." pressure is a very wrong attitude. Because when you act like this, you are doing the worst thing you can do to your child. You are preventing him from living his childhood. Therefore, you will have to avoid the attitude of your older brother or sister.

You need to maintain a good balance between siblings. This is one of the most important aspects. If you do not pay attention to this issue, a jealousy race will start to occur between children. For this reason, you should show the same love or affection to your other child as you treat a child in matters such as love, affection and interest. An example of this would be the use of love words. If you use words of love for one of your children, you should definitely use them for the other. If you call someone that way and call the other by their name, it will cause polemic between children.

You should be equal in financial matters as well as children. There should not be a big price difference between what you buy for one child and what you buy for another child. Of course, this does not mean that when you buy something for one, you buy something for the other. But you should talk to your children about these issues. You must indicate that you have taken it with the direction of need.

Comparing your children will be one of the biggest mistakes you can make. No one wants to be compared at any age. Especially with someone from his close circle, with his brother. For this reason, look at your children, avoid sentences such as your brother, sister or brother did this, why don't you do it. Do not do this avoidance against anyone, not just your child. Do not compare with other children's families, because each child is special and each child has different abilities.