Child Child and Teacher Relationship

What is the role of the teacher in the child's love of school and lessons?

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18 May 2022
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Child and Teacher Relationship

Children primarily begin to receive education at home from their parents. That's why the people who raise us are our first teachers. When the school starts, the children who encounter the teacher begin to think that it will be an environment like at home. However, this is a completely different process. The teacher-student relationship therefore takes a completely different course.

The relationship with the teacher is very important and can affect the whole education or even the entire educational life of the person. The reason for this is the dialogue you have with your teacher.
Young children guide their lessons by thinking about whether they like their teacher or not. For this reason, it is an important detail whether the communication is good or not when success is desired.

From the moment the child starts school, the person he sees most during the day will be the teacher. Therefore, he has a lot of knowledge to learn from him, a lot of skills to gain. It is also a privilege that it is important in terms of spending time more efficiently.

How is the Teacher-Child Relationship Good?

The person who should be moderate in the teacher-child relationship is definitely the teacher. The reason for this is that the person who can moderate the child is still the teacher.

It is very difficult for children to get used to a new environment or a new environment. Therefore, you should make the classroom a place that children can love. But by this we do not mean to decorate the classroom and put things that will interest them. Because this can create a problem in teaching. You can do things to make you like the lessons without taking their attention away from the lesson.

A small smile is the most comforting thing for every person when talking to children they are in contact with. Since this will make you more friendly towards them, the communication network they will establish with you will be easier.

You have to be quite patient while trying to contact them. If you hurry and make mistakes, problems that are very difficult or irreversible will arise. For this reason, you should establish a soft relationship between you, but this soft relationship should not be enough to put you in a difficult situation against them. Because if they have a friend or similar feeling towards you, it will affect your authority in the classroom in a bad way.

A very difficult process in terms of relationship will await you. Because it is very difficult to catch the line that both protects and does not stifle this authority. Especially for people who have just started their profession.
One of the most important issues that a teacher should pay attention to is not to scare his students. This is because students feel comfortable stuttering in class. A student who feels comfortable participates more in the lesson. Asks questions more easily, which increases efficiency.

Beneficial Aspects of the Teacher Child Relationship

Children who have a better relationship with their teacher are more successful in the lessons.

Self-confidence is very important at this age. This trust is one of the most productive guests that can be earned with a teacher. It is very important for the student to show or make them feel that they can achieve certain things.

The emotions that are most needed while growing up are undoubtedly love, affection and, of course, attention. The fact that the teacher gives this to the child is important not only for the relationship with the teacher, but also for other people with whom he or she communicates.

The choice of profession, which is one of the biggest decisions in the life of the child, and his orientation to the subjects of interest are very important. While making this decision, the teacher's interest and attitude are of great importance. Because, as we said in the previous articles, children are with their teachers from the moment they start school. In this direction, they better understand what children can and cannot do, what they are interested in or not. Therefore, they guide them better. Decisions taken make children more happy.