Baby Development of The Baby in Mother’s Womb


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6 Nis 2020
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The motherhood is both a challenging and long journey. Mothers go into an endless cycle, With the birth of a baby. Therefore, every mother should learn the correct development information for her baby's health. In this article, we will give you information about the development of the baby in mother’s womb. We hope this informations about the development of the babies is useful for you.

First Months of Pregnancy
It is generally not possible to know that you are pregnant in the first month. Because the symptoms of pregnancy are not seen yet. You may only have a little nausea, as well as the smell of some foods may bother you. At the same time, the placenta has formed in the womb. Placenta is a formation that provides your baby's nutrition and development. Also a developing embryo connects to the placenta via the umbilical cord. Your baby is 1 or 2 mm tall in first month, but it's can not yet visible on ultrasound.

Second Months of Pregnancy
When you fill 6 weeks in pregnancy, the embryo passes quickly to the fetus period. During this period, your baby is constantly replacing, but you cannot feel it yet. In the second month, your baby's eyelids, skin, hair, nails, tooth enamel and mammary glands are formed. Its hands and feets are formed. However, it takes a little more time for its fingers to form. Your baby is now weighs 3 grams and longer than 2 cm. You can also see it on ultrasound. At the end of the second month, your baby will weigh about 10 grams.

Third Months of Pregnancy
Your baby develops rapidly during this period. Its facial features begin to emerge. Your baby is about 10 cm tall and weighs 15 to 20 grams in this month. Furthermore, however, it begins to move its arms and legs.

Fourth Months of Pregnancy
Your baby's who is with a weight of 100 grams and a length of about 12 cm, facial expressions develop this month. It begins to its thumb sucking and frown. You can also learn your baby's gender in this month.

Fifth Months of Pregnancy
In the fifth month, your baby is constantly on the move. It even throws you its first kick. Your tummy begins to grow, and your baby now weighs 300 grams and is 13 to 16 cm long. In addition, your baby's tooth roots begin to form.

Sixth Months of Pregnancy
In the sixth month, your baby's ears begin to perceive sounds. Your baby's body develops quite quickly in this period, but it is not yet ready for birth. It moves constantly until she finds the most comfortable place for its. Your baby who is with a weight of about 30 cm and a weight of 800 grams, moves its arms and legs very often.

Seventh Months of Pregnancy
In the seventh month, your baby's face is almost completely formed. It gains weight faster. In addition, your baby starts to react to the strong light coming from outside by blinking her eyes. The meaning of this reaction is about to complete the development of the eyelids. Your baby, which gets heavier gradually, will average 1500 grams in the seventh month.

Eighth Months of Pregnancy
The period when the baby occupies the most space in the mother's womb is the eighth month. This month the baby has a length of 35 to 45 cm and an average weight of 2500 grams. Its physical development is almost complete. Your baby's skin color also begins to turn from red to pink during this period. Towards the end of the eighth month, the baby begins to prepare itself for birth.

Ninth Months of Pregnancy
In the ninth month, which is the last stage of pregnancy, your baby waits in the opposite position. The baby, placed along the uterus, is about 50 cm long and weighs 3500 grams. Since your baby has grown too much during this period, the area it moves is limited. Therefore it moves very little. In this case you don't have to be afraid. After completing the 38th week in your pregnancy, you will be very close to birth. If your baby's development is as healthy complete, you give birth end of a period of 9 months and 10 days.