Child Epilepsy Disease in Children


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27 Tem 2022
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Epilepsy is a common disease known by many as epilepsy. Epilepsy is a chronic disease that spreads over a long period of time, which manifests itself with the occurrence of some abnormal discharges apart from some electrical activities of the brain that take place in a normal course. There is a situation like this; The frequency of epileptic seizures in childhood is several times higher than in adulthood. This condition can generally be associated with a number of genetic diseases.
Causes of Epilepsy Disease

There are main reasons why epilepsy is seen in childhood. These;

* A number of diseases of microbial origin that hinder the development of everything related to the brain part during pregnancy.
* Some congenital diseases.
* Having a convulsion of the febrile type.
* Tumors in the brain.
* Some conditions such as cerebral hemorrhage, brain injury or the sudden lack of oxygen in the brain at the time of birth.
* Diseases such as brain inflammation or meningitis that occur after birth.
* Some accidents that may cause brain damage after birth.

Symptoms of Epilepsy Disease

Many symptoms of epilepsy in children can occur in different forms depending on the type of this disease.

Simple Partial Epilepsy Seizure

In this type of epileptic seizure, electrical discharge is known to be limited to a defined area of the brain. There is no loss of consciousness in the person. At that moment, the patient begins to feel some bad fears, struggles with the feeling of fear, begins to see some lights, and realizes that the colors he sees have changed. Such situations are frequently seen during simple partial epileptic seizures.

Complex Partial Epilepsy Seizure

In this type of epileptic seizure, although it was determined that the electrical discharge was limited to a certain part of the brain, it was observed that the person also experienced loss of consciousness. If the person has this type of seizure, they try to tear their clothes because they have started to narrow, and they can also act in the form of chewing or licking.

Grand-Mal Epilepsy Seizure

In this type of epileptic seizure, a situation such as a very sudden contraction of some muscles and then relaxation occurs.

Generalized Epilepsy Seizure

In such a seizure, a part of the brain, almost as much as the whole, is affected by the electrical discharge. For this reason, situations such as loss of consciousness occur.