Father Father; Is the Best Role Model for the Child


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27 Tem 2022
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Don't be afraid to show him your love.

For parents, there is nothing they care more about than their children. Show that you accept and love your children as individuals. In this way, the child feels more secure. As a father, do not hesitate to show your child your love, this way your child knows he is loved and feels good.

Get along well with your child's mother and be respectful.

One of your duties as a father will be to treat his mother with respect in the presence of your child. If you are a married individual, try to keep your marriage strong and vibrant. If you are divorced, respect and support your mother. The respect that parents have for each other causes their children to grow up even more confident and your child to feel self-respect. The child sees himself as an accepted individual and grows up as such.

Take care to spend time with him.

As a father, spend time with your child, so he will know how valuable and important he is to you, and he will treat you with respect. If you have a busy working style, if you do not spend enough time with him, your child will not listen to you and will be aggressive. Go to the park with your child, do their homework together; You may never have the opportunity to spend time with him like this again.

Show your child that you are listening at every opportunity.

It has always been their mother who has eased tensions between children and their fathers. Fathers learn about their children's problems or the reason for their misbehavior from their mothers. Talk to your child at every opportunity and when the child speaks to you, listen and let him/her speak.

Give discipline with love.

Children need direction and discipline. These should not be exaggerated punishments. Have conversations with your child about the consequences of their negative behavior beforehand, and remind them again and again if necessary. their positive behavior; Show or reinforce him with hugs or well done. If you have good communication with your child, the child knows where and when to stop and acts accordingly. Your child feels loved by you and behaves consciously that he is safe.

It is important that you are a role model.

Growing up with a father, girls know and see how they are respected by men; This is how they find and choose potential future spouses. Boys also learn three things from their fathers and add them to their lives; being an honest person, being humble and responsible.

Be her home teacher.

Fathers will have a lot to give to their children. To teach the child right and wrong, to support or encourage him in what he can do, to show the way to make good choices in the future; fathers' duties.

Eat your meal together at the table.

It is important that the whole family be at the dinner table together and eat their meals. Parents and children chatting together at the table and sharing the workday is an enjoyable process for children. Fathers at the desk; they listen to their children, try to understand, talk and have the opportunity to give them advice.

Read books together.

With the development of technology, computer games and tablets have taken the lives of children captive. It will be your duty to encourage your child to read. Children learn by seeing, reading and hearing, and this is the right way to learn. Read storybooks to your child at a young age, this will instill a desire to read in the future. Encourage your child to read alone in their room and reward them if necessary. Do not forget that with the love of reading you will give to your child, you will also contribute to his career and personal development in the future.