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18 May 2022
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Especially the winter months can be inactive for children. In an environment of rain and snow, parents who want their children not to get cold and sick want to keep them away from playgrounds and outside. Let's see below how you can create new spaces for children to throw their energies;

Find an exercise video online and do it with your child.

You can follow exercise programs developed for children or practice yoga videos developed for children together. These activities with your child; will be able to spend a healthier time by ensuring that he throws off his energy and does not stay inactive during the day. With these exercises you do as a family, you will also strengthen the bond between you and your child.

Play together a little play or game that you wrote yourself.

With the little games you write, you can contribute to the imagination and creativity of your children. With the games played here; they learn to empathize and can learn to express themselves emotionally. Thanks to these games, the energy of the child and the energy of the child during the day are thrown in a positive way.

You can still make small cookies

One of the activities you can do with children at home is to make cookies. The child understands how the things he eats are made and with what difficulties. By sharing the things he eats, he can get more pleasure from the cookies he eats. Let the child use his own creativity while decorating the cookies. In this way, your child's self-confidence will also improve.

You can increase the variety of games with boxes

The child is here; can see and learn the rules, rewards and punishments together. You can also make them have fun here.

Create a campground and play

On the days you can't go camping again, you can camp inside the house with him. You can set up a small tent and create a campsite with play equipment. You can also decorate with animal figures.

Create a puzzle and try to solve it

Can make animal figures with play dough. You can ask your child to guess the names of these animals. In this way, the child's brain is engaged and less aggressive.