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18 May 2022
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How to Feed a Breastfeeding Mother?

Breastfeeding mothers should pay attention to their own nutrition as much as they pay attention to the nutrition of their children. For a healthy growing child, it is very important how the parents eat, what protein and vitamins they take, and whether they continue to use bad habits such as cigarette-alcohol during the breastfeeding period. It is a scientifically proven fact that the effects of such habits and diet directly reach and harm the baby.

So what should breastfeeding mothers eat?


Protein supplement
Daily water consumption (The amount varies according to age and weight.)
Dairy products
Vitamin support
Alcohol - Smoking
Iron need
Use of sugar and salt

These substances are some of the most important points that breastfeeding mothers and their babies should pay attention to for their health. In addition, it is very harmful for both the baby and the mother that mothers who have weight problems in the postpartum period try shock diets and starve themselves for rapid weight loss. The weight that needs to be lost gradually in the postpartum period can be easily lost with a healthy diet, and you can regain your old form.

breastfeeding mother NUTRITIONAL ADVICE

Breastfeeding mothers can consume fish, which is a source of omega3, twice a week. You can consume this healthy and beneficial food by grilling, steaming or cooking it in the oven, depending on your preference.

You need to be very careful in the consumption of products containing heavy carbohydrates such as rice, pasta, dough. Protein deficit occurs in mothers who are constantly fed with carbohydrate-loaded products. A healthier alternative can be created by portion control and cooking whole grain products such as pasta.

Eating an egg every day recommended by experts in the field will be very beneficial for you in the post-pregnancy period. Eggs, one of the best quality and easily prepared foods, are among the strong protein sources. Nursing mothers may prefer eggs for their breakfast.

Alternatives such as meat, chicken and meatballs that you can choose for dinner will help you get the necessary protein. As long as the amounts that you can change depending on weight and special reasons are under control, it prevents a problem in breastfeeding mothers.

While sugar is very harmful for every person, it is one of the most important foods for breastfeeding mothers because it directly affects the baby. It is necessary to minimize the use of sugar during breastfeeding and in daily life. Sugar-free foods should be preferred, and sugar should not be added to beverages such as tea, coffee, herbal teas. In addition, the use of ready-made sugary drinks will not be the right behavior during breastfeeding after pregnancy.

It is important to consume fruits that you can easily meet your natural sugar needs as a portion every day. As long as it is not overdone, it will provide you with vitamin support. Orange, apple, banana, grape, peach apricot…

Ready meals and fast food are some of the foods that you should not choose during breastfeeding. Closed packaged products such as salami, sausages and fatty foods that you will buy from chain stores are among the foods that will not benefit you during breastfeeding.

Milk and kefir are among the most important foods for the health of individuals in daily life and for the diet of breastfeeding mothers. Considering the countless benefits of kefir and the resistance that milk will give to your body, and the strength it provides to the bones, it should be added to the foods that must be consumed. Drinking a glass of kefir every day is a fact confirmed by experts.

Why is Breastfeeding Mother's Nutrition Important?

The diet of the breastfeeding mother is very important during the postpartum breastfeeding period, as the mother's diet will directly affect the baby, as well as change the milk yield and amount.