Baby How should skin care be given to newborn babies?


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6 Nis 2020
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The skin of newborn babies is very sensitive. Therefore, parents should take care of their babies’ skin care. There are many details that parents should pay attention to. In this article we will tell you about them. First of all, if possible, wash and dry your baby's butt with warm water in every diaper change, especially in the neonatal period, and air it by leaving it open for a short time. Prefer high absorbent diapers. Dress your baby with 100% cotton clothes. In babies who have switched to supplementary food, make sure that the skin consumes enough water to maintain moisture balance.

If your baby is under 1 year old, do not expose to direct sunlight. When you go out, dress up your baby with a long and long sleeve and wear a hat. Change your baby’s clothes frequently when sweating on hot summer days. Take care not to have your baby bathed more than 3 times a week in the first year. It is recommended not to take a bath frequently to maintain your baby's skin-oil balance. You can wipe the bottom of your baby’s neck and between your fingers with a wet cotton cloth daily.

To prevent your baby's sensitive skin from drying out, use bath foam and soft formula baby soaps that do not contain alkaline soap. Do not use baby care products and powders containing perfumes for your baby’s skin. If her/his skin is dry, apply olive oil or coconut oil before leaving the bathroom. If your baby has birthmarks, do not treat them with medication or cream. Birthmarks can pass widely in the months following birth. However, first consult your doctor’s advice.

The Key Points to Newborn Baby Skin Care
One of the main issues that you should be aware of at every stage of skin care in babies is allergy. It pays attention to the absence of chemicals and perfumes that can trigger allergies in your baby’s skin care products or clothes. Especially if there is a genetic predisposition to allergy, that is, if there is an allergy in their parents, the probability of an allergy in your baby is 70%. For this reason, even if you have not yet seen an allergic reaction in your baby, do not choose care products containing substances that will increase the chance of their occurrence. Another important step you can take to reduce the possibility of allergies in your baby is to strengthen your baby’s immunity.

Take care to find foods containing probiotic and prebiotic ingredients with proven efficacy in your baby's diet. For foods containing probiotic and prebiotic ingredients with proven efficacy for your baby’s month, you can consult your pharmacist or doctor’s advice. For your baby’s skin, you can buy odorless products with ingredients such as mineral oil or pure vaseline. Whichever product you choose, stick to it so your baby’s skin doesn’t need to re-adapt to different ingredient mixtures in various products.

Your baby’s tiny hand nails are very thin and sharp, surprisingly they grow quickly. You may need to cut your baby’s nails as often as twice a week. This is important because newborns can scratch their faces with their own nails. Use a soft nail file and baby nail clippers to cut the nails. Toenails grow much slower and are generally very soft. It does not need to be cut as short as hand nails; It is enough to cut it once or twice a month. Consult your healthcare provider if the skin around the toenails looks red, inflamed, or stiff. To keep her/his skin healthy, you need to maintain its softness and strength. It may be helpful to use moisturizers even if your baby’s skin is peeling off.