Baby How to Choose the Right Diaper for Newborn Babies?


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6 Nis 2020
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When you consider your baby's needs, you should definitely make the most important and correct choice in the diaper and when searching for diapers, you can see that the options are endless. Unfortunately, you will not know which brand you choose compared to in terms of absorbency, harmony and comfort, or whether it is worth the price you get or not. We recommend that you do not purchase in bulk until you find out if the diaper is the right diaper for your baby. It will be healthier to purchase your baby's diaper just before or immediately after birth in terms of weigh change. So how do you choose the right diaper for your newborn baby? However, after you have attached the diaper to your baby, you will need to check the signs of a bad fit. Permanent leaks, red spots on the baby's skin or voids are signs of an inappropriate fit. If your baby is approaching the upper part of the weight range, it may be time to consider increasing the size of the diaper.

Diaper Sizes For Your Baby:

  • Premature Baby Diapers: 5 to 11 lbs
  • Newborn Baby Diapers: 7 to 13 Ibs
  • 3 Sizes: 9 to 20 Ibs
  • 4 Sizes: 16 to 40 lbs
  • 5 Sizes: 20 to 44 lbs
  • 6 Sizes: 25 to 55 lbs
The Right Diaper Features
Absorbency: A good diaper keeps wetness away from your baby's skin, protecting against irritation, redness and rubbing.

Softness and Stretch: Your baby has a sensitive skin so that a soft surface gently protects, and its flexible edges allow you to adjust the diaper to your baby's unique shape for a custom fit.

The indicator of wetness: It is not always possible to check whether your baby's diaper is wet. So that the right diaper should have the wetness indicator. It is a colored line on the diaper that turns from yellow to blue to let you know it's time to change.

Shaped for newborn babies: A hole in front of the diaper runs around your baby's navel. Shaped diaper helps keep the area dry and exposed to air to help the belly button heal.

Newborn Baby Diaper Brands
Finding the right brand for every parent is as important as choosing the right diaper. If you notice excessive gapping in your baby’s legs and waist, the diaper may be too big for your baby. So that take a diaper according to her/his size for your baby's health.

  • Pampers Newborn Baby Diaper
Pampers diaper has air ducts to prevent skin irritation and breathing while your baby is asleep at night. Also the diaper has absorbent ducts so that the baby's skin remains dry and the moisture is evenly distributed. It has Absorbent Micro Pearls feature to keep wet up to 12 hours dry. Thanks to its flexible side bands, your baby is provided to move easily and prevent leakage. In addition, it prevents the rash with its specially used liquid degree. It allows you to be informed about the leakage when the color in the diaper turns blue when it is infiltrated.

  • Molfix Newborn Baby Diaper
Thanks to Molfix diaper’s special umbilical cord cavity, it prevents redness around the belly and waist. The extra flexible side straps prevent leakage and allow your baby to move comfortably. It provides softness and breathing feature with air-soft technology. Thanks to its green absorbent area, it prevents leaks from forming.

  • Sleepy Newborn Baby Diaper
Sleepy diaper provides ease to the parents with its color turning green when wet. It has touch feature with pure water. With the hook and look feature divided into 3 parts, it does not press on your baby belly and expands the baby's movement area. Thanks to its horizontal and vertical structure, it prevents the absorbent particles collecting together. Its lotiony structure prevents the baby's skin from drying out and provides protection against rashes and irritations.

  • Huggies Newborn Baby Diaper
The elastic waistband Huggies diaper allows the baby to move much more comfortably thanks to the band that can be pasted from the desired location. It is the only diaper brand with this feature. Thanks to the micro pores of the diaper, it prevents diaper rash. Liquid poop barrier notifies wetness with color change and prevents leakage.