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11 May 2020
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How to Spend Time with Children

Spending productive time with children is of great importance. Regardless of age, all children's parents or people responsible for their growth need a good relationship with them in an environment where they feel productive, fun and safe.

Taking care of children as they grow up can be very difficult and arduous at times. This is because childcare requires a great deal of patience, stability and care.

What Kind of Way Should Be Followed While Taking Care of Children?

You have to be very patient when dealing with children. This is an important issue. Sometimes children cannot understand what adults say or want, or they may grasp and understand the subject later than expected. This is because the person in front of you is a child. While you are dealing with him, you should not forget that there is an individual at a considerably younger age than you. If you act by thinking that the person in front of you is a child, the situation will become easier for you and the child. This makes the dialogue between you better and stronger.

- When you enter into communication with the child, your communication will be easier if you think about your actions and actions, and even empathize with the child in front of you. The actions you take by understanding it will be felt by the child as trustworthy and this will create the child's communication with you or strengthen the existing communication ways.

When you communicate with the child, giving him reassuring speeches and showing him that he will achieve certain things will make him feel that you value him. In this case, it makes our communication more robust.

Activities to Do with Children

The best activity to do with children is of course playing games. Children of all ages need to play. It is also very important in terms of the cognitive development of the child, rather than the need. You should choose the games you choose taking into account his age, or you should turn the game you choose into games for children of his age. It is a wrong behavior to play just to play while choosing or playing a game. Being happy and comfortable while spending time with the child also makes the child comfortable. In this case, your communication with a happy child will be easier.

When choosing a game, you should also consider its physical characteristics. Children of all ages cannot perform the same skills. Therefore, having information about the child makes the situation more manageable.

For young children, playing with play dough not only improves their physical skills, but also develops skills such as imagination and creativity. It can also be beneficial to use paint for imagination and creativity with young children. In addition, coloring the coloring books the way they want will make them happier in terms of both creativity and freedom.

- Watching cartoons with them will make them very happy. They will like you to have the same tastes as them. Chatting with them and asking questions about the cartoons you watch, interpreting what they see or hear within the scope of their own way of thinking is very useful in terms of their power of expression.

- Taking them to the park will excite them. Especially children who spend time between home and school constantly need outdoor air. For this reason, it will excite them if you take them out of their constant environment and bring them together with different children. Playing with new unfamiliar children – under supervision of course – also contributes to their socialization. Running and playing with them will make them happy.

- It will be very useful for you to read books to children. Opening new worlds to them helps develop their cognitive side. In addition, it may be more remarkable if you offer them an activity that they cannot do alone.

-It might interest them to do craft activities with them. Using colored papers, cardboard and maybe clays can get their attention. Revealing something new from different materials will impress them.

Considerations When Dealing with Children

You should make sure that they are away from items that could harm themselves or their environment. Children are very mobile and something can happen to them in a split second.
You should consider the topics of the cartoons or books you choose very important. Children's memories are quite good compared to adults. For this reason, when they learn a wrong information, it is very difficult to forget or replace the information with the correct one.
You should not leave their side while doing handicraft activities. Tools such as glue, glue, scissors in the environment can be dangerous. Tools that are thought to be non-hazardous can become dangerous in the hands of children.