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11 May 2020
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How to Treat Children

Children are sensitive and fragile individuals. Although it may seem very difficult to find a place in their hearts, their little hearts immediately recognize love. Behavior towards children also turns you into a kind-hearted individual. The reason for this is that the child in front of you is more pure and clean. Inevitably, you try to prevent evil from entering the pure heart in front of you. Communication is easier with children when they feel safe and loved.

What to Consider and What to Avoid While Communicating with Children

We must be gentle when communicating with children. This boy will like it when we are kind to him. Gentleness is already necessary for everyone to be kind to each other, but the issue of kindness is more important in children.

Being rude can scare the child away. This can cause the child to close himself off and experience introversion. This is the last thing you can ask for. It is very difficult to win back an introverted and frightened child.

There should be a relationship of trust between you and the children. Making the child feel that they trust him will create the child's pride. This makes the child feel protected and safe. You should also instill confidence in him.

Children who feel insecure are often shy and fearful. Children will remain more passive than their peers because they are not trusted or not confident in themselves. Over time, this will turn into self-isolation and then running away from people.

You should give importance to being fun while spending time with children. Because after a while, children will start to get bored of you and the things you do, and they will start to feel uneasy. This will give you a rather strange and distant impression towards the child.

You should play games while spending time with children. If you try to enjoy the things they enjoy, this will be a move for your benefit. You should go down to the child's age, as your ability to empathize will be higher compared to the child's. When faced with such situations, remembering your own childhood and remembering what you like and dislike will help and guide you.

Be very patient when communicating with children. If you know the story of the child, this will make your job much easier. However, if we do not have anything about the child's story, you can try to deduce it from the child's behavior. But as this process will occupy your time, you must be patient.

When dealing with children, remember that the person in front of you is younger than you. The person in front of you may not understand what you expect from him, or even if he does, his ability to do what you want as a result of his age may not be fully formed. Therefore, if you choose activities suitable for his body development, this may be a more productive time for that moment.

You should stay away from content that does not keep children in their age group and that will harm them psychologically. Children's mental structure is easier to obtain information compared to adults. For this reason, even if the brain does not immediately put into practice what it sees or hears, the brain records what it sees or hears. For this reason, you can take the precautions of personality problems that you may experience in the future, from a young age, not to look as if nothing is happening.

The most important thing you should pay attention to while doing all these is that you should not do whatever your child wants. This is a distressing situation that will harm your child. This situation, which is called spoiling the child among the people, makes it difficult for your child to communicate with his social environment, as well as causes difficulties in situations that he will encounter in the future. It will be useful not to get some things they want right away or to demand certain things from the child so that he or she deserves it. Because you create an environment that is always ready for your child, but such an environment will never be encountered in the later years of the child, so it will be beneficial for him to get used to it from a young age.