Digressive Is It Possible To Lose Weight By Swimming?


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18 May 2022
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Along with the implementation of the diet with swimming, there are various factors that should be applied and known. Swimming time should be more than 30 minutes. While in the water, this period must be completed in order for the body to stabilize the heat balance and for the muscles to work. Not neglecting to do warm-up exercises before starting the exercises allows the muscles to move more easily and to get more efficient results from the exercise. At the beginning of the exercises, it is necessary to stroke with light movements. Those who cannot or forget to warm up before swimming can familiarize themselves with the exercises with slow and calm strokes. Sudden movements cause us to encounter situations such as muscle damage and injury.

The more techniques applied during the exercises, the better the result. Styles such as frog and butterfly should be applied.
In this way, intermittent exercise of muscle groups is ensured. In these exercise styles, it is ensured to fall on different muscle groups. It is appropriate to do the exercise in accordance with the schedule planned according to the duration of the exercise. According to research, swimming at intervals of one day is more effective than swimming every day. As in other training plans, exercising for a long time during the day without overloading the muscles and with one-day intervals plays an effective role in weight loss, as it is beneficial for the muscles to rest.