Child Jealousy in Children


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11 May 2020
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Jealousy is one of the feelings that every person has against many things. Unfortunately, a situation such as a certain factor triggering jealousy does not take place in the first childhood years. Children can feel jealous of many situations and people.

Generally, avoiding toys, being jealous of clothes, not wanting a sibling or being jealous of friends who have siblings, wanting a sibling, being jealous of parents or parents are among the most common jealousy in children. This and similar small-big jealousies cause many children to experience psychological problems. Generally, children who experience jealousy show bad behavior towards their friends, tendency to violence, and harmful actions. In many children who are jealous of their siblings, the tendency to use violence against their siblings is one of the jealousy that needs attention. Unfortunately, child jealousy is not always innocent jealousy. Such fraternal jealousy and the behaviors of parents are also effective.

Families need to keep the same distance from both children, show interest in one, and prevent the other from feeling less valuable.

WAYS TO PREVENT Sister Jealousy:

You should not project your own worries onto children. Saying that you are afraid that your child will be jealous causes him to feel in a situation that he should be jealous of and cause problems. In an indirect way, you become the parents who direct your child's actions.

Constantly taking care of the baby will make your other child feel bad.

After bringing the newborn baby home, all family members leaving the other children at home and taking care of the newborn will trigger jealousy among the children.

You can explain to your child that this process is temporary.

After the new born baby arrives, you should not limit your child's play area, you should not talk like your brother is sleeping, be quiet or don't move. You should not make him think that an individual who is restraining him is coming to the house.

You shouldn't be anxious.

When buying a gift or item for your newborn, you should buy an item that your other child or children can love.

You should behave in the same way after the baby as you behaved before the baby was born. Excessive anger will cause other children in the house to think that it is because of the baby and to harbor hostility towards his brother.

Parents should be careful and sensitive towards their children in this process. Many parents become less interested in their other children with the excitement of a new baby. In such cases, it is impossible for jealousy not to arise. It should not be forgotten that every child needs parental attention no matter how old they are.


Tendency to violence
Storing toys
Deliberately breaking or smashing toys
Violence against siblings
not wanting to go to school
petty thefts
Behavioral disorders

Jealousy in children generally manifests itself with these symptoms. You can understand the state of your child's psychology as a result of his behavior towards himself, you and his friends. You can eliminate the little jealousies that can cause big problems in the future with professional help or a detailed conversation at first.

Babies and children can get damage during these periods. It is very important to be conscientious parents at this time, which is ideal for teaching them to be understanding, not pushy, and sharing. Preventing your social circle from discriminating between your children will help you get through this process easily. Not every child is the same, but the causes and consequences of sibling jealousy are more or less the same in every family.

Teaching brotherhood and making them feel equal in this process is one of the behaviors that every family should do. Happy families raise happy children, it would be right for you to behave accordingly.