Baby My 1 Year Old Baby Is Vomiting What Should I Do


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27 Tem 2022
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We have stated in our other articles about vomiting that there are multiple reasons for babies vomiting. However, the situation of babies vomiting at the age of 1 is very worrying for mothers. However, it is quite normal and normal for a 1-year-old baby to vomit. Imagine that you are given a meal that you have never eaten before. Your immunity and stomach suddenly react. As you perceive a problem in the taste of the food, your stomach may feel bad, and the same is true for babies. Vomiting after feeding is the most common occurrence in infants. There is no reason to take these vomiting very seriously. Because it is natural and normal.

My 1 Year Old Baby Is Vomiting What Should I Do

Your baby may have a lack of appetite and will already show you that he doesn't want to eat by puckering his face and turning his head to the opposite of the spoon you are extending. Never force food to eat.
Vomiting is common in infants who take solid food. You should take care to prepare organic foods.
In single meals, you should not overdo the food to be satiated.
Do not take too long between meals. This is the most important situation that will cause vomiting in babies.
Do not shake your baby too much after feeding is complete. It's good that you don't move too much. In terms of not churning in the stomach.
You should never forget to do the gas removal process of your fed baby.
You should make sure that the bottle hole through which milk or liquids are consumed is not small. It shouldn't be too big. Equalize to whatever the standard is.
If the vomiting continues under all conditions and is above normal, you have no choice but to take him to the doctor. Frequent vomiting may not be a situation that you can resolve on your own.