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11 May 2020
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Appropriate care in the newborn period is a process that has important effects on the general health of the baby. This is why new parents experience serious anxiety. The environment and personal care of the newborn baby is very important. The first 28 days after birth is considered the newborn period of the baby. In the newborn period, which covers the first 1 month of the baby, you need information such as breastfeeding, diaper changing, belly care, skin care and bathing.

What should be the room temperature in which the newborn baby is located?

Temperature control in the newborn baby is not yet developed. Since the skin surface of the baby is very large for its body weight, heat loss is very rapid. In order to prevent the body temperature from falling, ambient temperatures should be determined especially in the first hours and days, suitable for the weight of the baby. The appropriate room temperature for a healthy newborn born on time and weighing more than 3 kg is between 22 and 24 degrees. In cases where the ambient temperature exceeds 25 degrees, the baby should be dressed less because the newborns do not sweat, and the most important reason for the fever is to cover or lie close to the heaters.

How often should the baby be breastfed?

How is competence understood?

Breastfeeding is the safest method to meet all the basic needs of newborn babies. The baby should be breastfed whenever he wants, starting within the first hour after birth. If the baby does not suckle for a long time in the first week of adaptation, he should be awakened every 3-4 hours for breastfeeding. This is important both to accelerate the mother's milk flow and to protect the baby from jaundice. It can be understood from the amount of urine and feces that the newborn baby is fed enough. Babies who get enough breast milk will have yellow, soft and even watery poop. The daily stool of a newborn baby can vary between 1 and 10. This should not be perceived as diarrhea.

What are the points to be considered in the skin care of the newborn baby?

Since the baby's largest organ is the skin, it is important for mothers to pay attention to skin care and hygiene. The skin of newborn babies is very sensitive and thin. Their skin is easily damaged. Impaired skin integrity poses a risk of infection for the baby. Especially in the days following birth, the baby's skin may become dry, flaky and peeling. During this period, it is appropriate to use moisturizing baby oil or lotions for newborn babies. Baby oils can be applied to wet skin to provide proper hydration. Clothes that come into direct contact with the baby's skin should be chosen from cotton fabrics and detergents should not be used to clean the baby's clothes.

When should a newborn baby's first bath be given?

Bath plays an important role in baby care. Healthy newborn babies can take a bath within the first 24 hours, depending on the environment in which they were born. Babies can bathe at home every day or every other day. It is appropriate to bathe the baby under boiled and cooled running water until the umbilical cord falls off. Normal bathing can be done in the tub 2 or 3 days after the umbilical cord falls off. The temperature of the bath water should be at the baby's body temperature (36 - 37 degrees), and the ambient temperature should be 24-25 degrees. Before bathing, all items should be prepared and the baby's heat loss should be prevented. It will be safer for the baby to vomit if the bath is done before breastfeeding. Especially in restless babies, afternoon baths can provide a more comfortable night. Shampoo or soap to be used in the bathroom should not be applied directly to the baby, but should be transferred to the baby with a sponge or foam. This makes rinsing easier. In order to prevent redness and irritation, care should be taken to ensure that the baby's skin and especially its folds are thoroughly dry after bathing.

What are the points to consider when changing diapers?

In order to avoid redness and redness in the diaper area, the baby's diaper should be changed frequently, especially the contact time with poop should not be prolonged. It is essential to clean with water and dry the folds very well. While cleaning the genital area of female babies, it is necessary to clean from the front to the back to prevent the contamination of the poop in the urethra. Olive oil or baby oil can be applied to the diaper area as a preservative. If a rash occurs, treatment with zinc cream is appropriate.

How should navel care be done in newborn babies?

Umbilical care is performed with 70% alcohol or mycollet solution until the umbilical cord is dried and separated. Cord tissue is painless. Care should be continued for 1-2 days after the umbilical cord falls off, if there is leakage, discharge or bleeding, a doctor should be consulted.

When is a newborn baby's nails cut?
The nails of newborn babies are very soft. Since the baby may scratch himself in the first 2 months due to the catching reflex, it is appropriate to use gloves until the nails are cut. In the first months, the nails that grow mostly break off as if they were torn on their own. After the first month, it is appropriate to cut the nails while the baby is sleeping.

How to care for newborn baby's eyes?

Eye care of babies is of great importance in the first months. It is very important for the eye health of the baby that parents pay attention to hand cleaning before starting baby care. If burrs form in the eyes of the newborn baby, the eyes are wiped with boiled and cooled water. If the discharge continues, a doctor should be consulted for narrowing of the tear duct or infection.