Child Obesity in Children


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18 May 2022
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Obesity; It is an excessive amount of fat in the body or the amount of fat is higher than the body mass index. Weight gain occurs as a result of excessive and wrong nutrition during childhood and turns into a major health problem in the future. Many people who have obesity problems in adulthood have weight problems in childhood. Obesity can be seen not only due to unhealthy diet but also due to hormonal disorders. In such cases, the treatment of hormonal disorders should also be carried out.

Obesity resulting from overeating is called 'simple obesity' or 'exogenous obesity'. In some cases, obesity occurs when the body height-weight ratio is not compatible. Obesity experienced by extremely short people due to height problems is called 'pathological obesity'.


familial reasons
environmental factors
hormonal factors
They are some of the factors that lead to obesity.


If there is a genetic obesity problem in the family, the rate of obesity in children is also high. If the parents are obese, 80% of children are obese. At the same time, the diet of the family and the meals in the house have a high role in childhood obesity. In the case of parents' divorce, many children go into a depression process and become obese. Psychological disorders can cause nutritional disorders.


Energy consumption is very important especially at young ages. Obesity that comes with inactivity and environmental factors in children is less common in active children. It has been observed that children with physical activity have a lower risk of obesity. Inactivity leads to obesity.

Eating while watching TV
Continuous feeding of the family
No physical activity
Going to school and everywhere by car
It causes your child to encounter the problem of obesity.


Experts in most fields explain the event by saying that a person is what he eats. What you feed your children will shape their bodies accordingly. The diet starts with the transition to solid food in children. In this process, if you accustom your child to a diet, he will continue in this order throughout his life. It has been observed that families of most children with obesity problems make their children happy with packaged foods and candies at a young age. Every packaged food that you accustom your child to will become a personal need after a while. For this reason, while feeding children, you should keep away from packaged foods, meals with dough, carbohydrates and excessively large portions.
In addition, every child likes to consume ready-made food, but eating home-made food is very important for the development of every child. When creating a diet, it is necessary to pay attention not only to the content, but also to the meal times. Excessive consumption of food in the late hours also leads to obesity.


Thyroid gland diseases
Adrenal gland diseases
As a result, weight gain may occur. In this type of obesity, which has nothing to do with eating less or more, purely hormonal disorders lead to obesity. In such cases, you should start the hormone therapy process with the help of your doctor.

Obesity is one of the most important and dangerous diseases for babies, children and all age groups, regardless of age. It not only negatively affects health, but also affects the social environment, activities and friendships. It has been observed that many children with obesity problems isolate themselves from their friends and hate their bodies. As conscious parents, you should give proper guidance from the first period when your child starts to feed. It should not be forgotten that every child is shaped according to their diet and that their whole life develops and changes accordingly. Health brings happiness with it.