Baby Pay attention to 6 months after birth!


Babies are born between 38 and 41 weeks, considering normal periods after development in the mother's womb. The baby can naturally receive adequate and correct nutrients in the mother's womb. Of course, this situation is directly proportional to how adequate and proper nutrition the mother is. However, since the development in the womb is the result of a natural process, it is defined as a healthy order. The same conditions do not continue after the Baby Doll is born. First of all, it is necessary to pay close attention to the first six months of the baby. Babies go through the most important phase of their development in the first 6 months. Many vital functions, from the full function of the internal organs to the activation of the immune system, are completed in this process. Scientifically, it is necessary to carefully protect the baby in the first 6 months, especially in terms of nutrition. The components in breast milk are sufficient for the baby's natural development process. Of course, the mother's proper and adequate nutrition will also directly affect this process.

What does breast milk do?

breast milk; It is the strongest food source that naturally contains many components that cannot be obtained artificially in nature. Aside from being described as one of the miracles of nature, breast milk has been the element that has ensured the survival of babies since the first day of human existence. So that; In the period before modern medicine, breast milk was already used for babies to be healthy for at least 6 months or even longer. Recent scientific research reveals that no matter which supplement is used, it does not contain a source of nutrients at the level of breast milk. For this reason, it is imperative for babies to receive breast milk in order to develop and be fed adequately during this critical period. Babies who do not receive breast milk may have limited development, as well as anomalies and unexpected adverse events.

Transition to Supplementary Nutrients

Although some sources state that complementary foods can be used in the baby's nutrition from 4 months, the general medical teaching is; It means that only and enough breast milk should be consumed in the 6-month period. If there is a deficiency in the mother's milk, this situation can be intervened under the control of a physician, while additional nutrition is used in mandatory cases. If the mother has enough milk, additional food should not be preferred before 6 months. At this point, although parents are considering giving additional nutrition to the child even if they are getting enough breast milk, this is not the right approach. If the baby consumes more food than necessary, it may not cause him to grow faster, but may cause him to gain more weight than necessary. This is not the right approach as it seems. The notion of "fat baby is acceptable" is a completely false statement. Adequate and proper nutrition of the baby is the most correct method to be healthy.

In the first six-month period, the nutrition of the mother is also extremely important, as the nutrition of the baby will be based on breast milk. The mother should consume foods that will increase the amount of milk, never use drugs that the doctor does not approve in this process, and absolutely avoid all cigarettes, alcohol and other drugs. The health of the baby is directly related to the health of the mother, both during pregnancy and in the first 6 months after birth. Without violating adequate nutritional standards and without overdoing it; From the age of 4 months, qualified complementary foods and organic foods can be given to the baby under suitable conditions. However, as we mentioned, it is very important not to exaggerate this and not to reach a level that will endanger the health of the baby. In addition, before 4 months, additional food should be used only if necessary. You must strictly follow the recommendations and instructions of the physician regarding the feeding of the baby.

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