Child Personality Disorder in Children


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18 May 2022
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Personal development starts from childhood. And the biggest factor in this is family. How the family treats their child, the child grows as he sees from the family. He learns to share happiness from the family first. Personal disorders occur because families spend little time with their children. The biggest reason for this is that the parents are working. Children are left to both the caregiver and the Grandmother. It lacks the love and attention of Mom and Dad. As he grows older, he unconsciously tries to find these lack of love from other people, on his own. This makes him an introvert. He can't tell anyone his problem, he can't share anything with anyone, he always feels alone. Especially during adolescence. This can lead him to bad habits. Alcohol, cigarettes, drugs or violence. He wants to spend all his time with his friends. Of course, when events reach this stage, the family does their best to save their child. Like things to do on time. This time, the child will feel distrust towards the family and will remember the good things that the family did to him as bad, and things will go completely wrong.

What should I do so that my child does not have personal disorders?

1- Spend a lot of time with your child.

2- Play games with your child, it's up to you to develop his imagination...

3- Read a book to your child.

4- Be with him on his special days.

5- Guide your child, send your child to social activities.

6- Learn to play a musical instrument

We can multiply these examples.

My child has personal disorders, what should I do?

First, try to get close to him as if he were more of a friend rather than a father-mother. Follow him constantly, but do not reflect this on him, so that it does not bore him. Deal with him. If he is not talking to you, talk to him and he will listen to you. Organize picnics, get together with elders this is a way to keep him away from his friends. If you do this road well, you will have a comfortable and accident-free journey. Likewise, one mistake of yours can lead your child to different mistakes and you will minimize the possibility of deterrence.

The biggest mistake is us families.
A good parent will have a good future.