Baby Physical Development in Newborn Babies


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6 Nis 2020
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A newborn baby weighs an average of 2,800 to 3,500 grams and is 50 cm tall. The baby's head is quite large compared to his body when he is born and in the months following birth, and he has difficulty in carrying and controlling his head. In this period, you need to prop your baby's head. The shape of the head of the baby after birth may be different for parents, this is not a concern to be concerned. To facilitate childbirth, the bones in the baby's head are not fully hardened, so the shape of the head may appear asymmetrical or long after birth, and the head will turn into a round shape in the following days.

One of the fastest growing periods is the newborn period. When baby development is examined physically and mentally, they can create miraculous charts with the changes they show. Your baby is in constant development from the moment of birth. In addition to the motor skills and intelligence development of your baby, its physical development starts to differ every day. In growth and development attacks, the relationship between height and weight in babies comes to the fore. Depending on the genetic structure, your baby may have great differences in terms of height, body structure, growth tempo, physiological features. Not all babies develop in the same way. So don't worry if your baby is developing differently than other babies. But such calculations can be made by taking the averages. Therefore, it is useful to know the lower and upper limits for your baby's height and weight, body measurements and other features at different ages. You can follow whether your baby's development is normal according to these limits. Baby height weight chart will help you to be conscious of your baby's growth process and to follow its physical development. So you can follow your baby's physical development closely. Although the baby experiences weight loss in the days following birth, it continues to gain weight during its development and reaches twice the birth weight when it is 6 months old.

Physical Movements of Newborn Babies
Newborn babies often sleep a lot. This is necessary for their physical development. They also move their arms and legs very little at first. The reason for this is that they are used to the small area in the mother's womb. Over time, they realize that their area is wide and they start to move more. The physical development of newborn babies, especially in the first 3 months, is very fast. In these months, newborn babies gain weight faster and their height increases. Your baby's movements increase after completing the first 3 months. Also every baby is born with a very strong sucking and catching reflex. S/he turns to the side to absorb everything that touches her/his cheek and begins to grasp the objects placed in her palm. The newborn baby cannot control her/his muscles, so s/he cannot hold her/his head up until she is two months old.

Baby Development Chart
You can hear as ''percentile'' the table that shows you the height and weight ratio of your baby and its suitability according to the period it is in. Percentile means the growth curve. In other words, evaluating whether the development of the baby progresses normally can be interpreted according to the percentile values. Percentile table, namely, the data in the height-weight table, as well as the height-weight ratio, head circumference, are taken from the baby groups that complete their development at different ages, and the lower and upper limits displayed by various parameters related to growth and development at different ages. By looking at these values, the suitability of the baby to the determined developmental levels is checked and the development is monitored.