Child Reading Habits in Children


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11 May 2020
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Today is called the age of technology, but this age of technology takes many of our habits from us. Unfortunately, one of the biggest habits it has taken from us is the fluidity of reading books. Even today's young people look away from reading, but today's children do not even have the habit of reading. Unfortunately, they realize the lack of this in the future, but they lose a lot of time. Therefore, giving this habit as a child will create a more solid foundation.

Disadvantages of Not Reading
The vocabulary of children who do not read books is quite limited. Therefore, the sentences they say are usually in the same form. This lack of vocabulary will put them in very difficult situations when expressing themselves or communicating with people in the future.
Since their communication with people is difficult, people will start to avoid people and become introverted. Recovering children who have become a closed box can be quite a problem in the future.

The lack of habit of reading books during lessons and exams will affect the child badly. It will cause reasons such as not being able to comprehend what you read or hear. It is quite possible that he will have time wasting problems due to the problem of not understanding what he has read during the exams.

How to Gain the Habit of Reading to Children?
Parents should read books to children who cannot read at a young age. Reading a book before going to bed at night or at the times you set during the day will help him fall asleep, develop his dream world and gain the habit of reading books. Doing something for your child that you couldn't do for him will both strengthen the bond between you and him, and he will understand that it is time to do something that his mother or father has done for him since childhood.
Let your child choose the book he wants. Trying to make him read a book by printing will be the biggest mistake you will make. The reason for this is that when you force a book to be read that he does not want or is not interested in, the child will start to think that these books are not his own, I do not like reading books, and this thought will take its place in time. For this reason, even if he has to try all kinds of books, he will find the book or genre he wants to read in time and gain the habit of reading.

You can tell the children about the books that you have read and liked or that you think your child will like. But be careful, don't let this talking process turn into a pressure. As a result of these mentions, your child will be curious about the book and will start asking you questions, then you can share the book with him.
You can put your child in environments where people who read a lot of books. In these environments, topics such as books, movies, art galleries will be discussed. These kinds of conversations can affect everything from the medium he acquires in the future. The fact that he is accustomed to these environments that he will inevitably enter in the future will cause him not to want to read books and stay away from current issues or conversations.
The most important thing is to have a library in your home. It is also your reading at home. Remember that children most often take their parents as an example and even imitate them. It will be a perfect example for children to always see their parents reading a book. For this, you should have a library that your child can reach at home, and you can even put the books that you think he may like or that he already has. When the subject is brought up, it will be enthusiastic to mention that he will have his own personal library depending on his reading of books in the future.

Starting to read books at a young age will give him habits that he will never lose. This habit he gained at a young age will give him a more advanced book culture compared to his peers in the future.