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27 Tem 2022
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You took care of your diet during pregnancy. You gave birth to a healthy baby by choosing the right nutrition regimen in line with your doctor's recommendations. But wait, don't think that from now on you will eat as you want and get away from this regime. Because, just like during pregnancy, your diet will directly affect your baby during breastfeeding. Therefore, you need to maintain an adequate and balanced diet as in pregnancy for at least 6 months. The first basic rule in feeding your baby; Breast milk should be fed for 6 months. At this point, besides the adequacy of your milk, its quality should be suitable for the development of the baby. If the mother does not get enough of the healthy food components, two kinds of problems can arise. The first of these is the lack of milk, and the second is the low quality of the milk. In both cases, the baby's nutrition will be weakened, and a non-organic diet will be preferred. Of course, this is not a desirable situation. As a starter food, breast milk contains all the components that are sufficient for the baby to complete the 6-month development period without any problems. Unfortunately, a similar artificial food has not been discovered yet. Although some manufacturers claim to produce these nutrients, analyzes show that artificial nutrients are in no way equivalent to breast milk.

Transition to supplementary food

It is universal medical advice that during the first 6 months of your baby's period, as much as possible, not to use complementary foods and to give enough breast milk to the baby. But, of course, the baby cannot be fed with breast milk throughout his life. In particular, it is already a necessity to gradually switch to the consumption of additional food and solid food in order for the digestive system to work properly. However, in this process, the right foods should be preferred and the baby should not be forced. During the transition to solid food, babies can first be given fruits in puree form. You can choose specially produced baby foods for this, or you can puree the fruits yourself and feed them to your baby.

The method of using starch and similar heavy carbohydrates as baby food, which was widely used in the past, has been completely abandoned today. These products, which have a very high glycemic index, have no nutritional value other than providing energy. Of course, rice flour and similar foods can be consumed on a certain scale. However, it is not correct to choose only them as solid food. Whatever is mixed in it, heavy carbohydrates can damage the baby's endocrine system, and it will not be possible to get enough nutrients in this way. In the feeding process of the baby, the nutritional values per unit of food are important, not the amount of food consumed. Just being satiated is not good for baby's development in bed.

What nutritional components should your baby consume?

Excessive food consumption does not mean proper nutrition. This can be evaluated in more or less the same way not only in infants but also in adults. Eating enough and the right ingredients helps to achieve growth without gaining weight. During the development process of babies, protein, fats (amino acids), vitamins and minerals must be taken in a balanced way. For this, it is important to get enough nutrition in different types of food. As in the breastfeeding process, for the baby to receive all the nutritional components; A diet with sufficient variety in terms of milk and dairy products, seafood, meat types, fruit types and green leafy plants should be adopted. During this period, carbohydrates with a low glycemic index can also be included in the diet. It is not necessary for babies to consume bread. Besides, bread is a food that is not necessary for adults to consume anyway. Likewise, the consumption of sugar and salt is not necessary. Do not feed your baby refined salt unless specifically requested. These components are found enough in the foods that the baby will consume. Consumption of root plants, in particular, will provide sufficient benefits in terms of minerals. Of course, special attention should be paid to water consumption.