Test Tube Baby What is IVF? IVF Treatment Method and Application


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11 May 2020
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The biggest dream of people is to have a baby. Some people's dream of having a baby can't come naturally. At this point, modern medical science and IVF treatment methods come into play directly. IVF treatment methods and modern medical science provide the opportunity to have a baby for couples who cannot have a baby due to various physiological reasons.

What is IVF?

In vitro fertilization is the name given to the act of fertilizing the reproductive cells of couples who have little chance of having a baby naturally or who have no chance of having a baby naturally, in a laboratory environment with modern medical science in extracorporeal conditions. In IVF treatment, male and female reproductive cells are kept in an environment where body temperature is imitated for 48 hours. Fertilization occurs in approximately 50% of the egg cells obtained during this period. The treatment is completed by placing these fertilized egg cells (embryos) in the woman's uterus. This IVF treatment method is an in vitro fertilization treatment method that is used a lot and gives results with a large percentage.

In vitro fertilization treatment is currently performed with the microinjection technique. With this method, sperm cells taken from the father-to-be are directly injected into the egg cells and transferred to the mother's womb after fertilization takes place.

In Which Situations Is It Applied?

In order to apply the IVF treatment method, the following health problems should occur or be present in couples:

When there is infertility of unknown and undetermined cause,
Advanced polycystic ovary syndrome (in ovulation disorders),
Azoospermia (in sperm quality disorders),
In the case of chocolate cysts (Endometrioma disease),
When it is related to the immune system (immunological infertility),
In cases where the sperm count is insufficient for any reason,
Frequent and unprotected spousal intercourse for 12 months and yet no pregnancy,
IVF treatment methods are applied.

Couples who want to benefit from IVF Treatment Method;

Those who want to have a baby and provide this process with IVF treatment should first go to the IVF Center and apply. Evaluation interviews are held with the candidates first. It is explained what conditions should be met for the application of IVF. The necessary examination plan is prepared immediately. Afterwards, gynecological examination and ultrasonography method are applied in detail. All examinations and examination results are evaluated and the success chance of the application is expressed to the couple who want to have a baby. If there is a high probability of success in IVF treatment and the couple accepts IVF treatment, IVF treatment is initiated.

IVF Treatment

After the necessary examinations are made in IVF treatment, if the couple who wants to have a baby is suitable, the stages of IVF treatment are started. First of all, the hormones produced by the body for the ovulation of women under normal conditions are administered to the patient by injection. The dosage of this injection is high, so it is aimed to obtain more than one egg in one cycle in the expectant mother. Developing eggs are often tested by ultrasonography and blood tests are also done at this time. When the eggs reach the size of 18-20 mm, a single dose of egg cracking injection is applied and the ovulation time is planned. After about 36 hours after this injection, eggs are collected from the vaginal route with the help of a needle under anesthesia.
While the procedures for the expectant mother continue, the sperm sample taken from the man is made suitable with a special procedure. Together with these sperms, the eggs taken from the mother-to-be are fertilized by providing suitable conditions in the laboratory environment. Embryo development is constantly monitored. After this follow-up process, embryos with the highest probability of attaching to the uterus are selected and placed in the uterus of the expectant mother by means of special catheters. Meanwhile, high-quality embryos are frozen again in the laboratory and stored under suitable conditions for a possible inability to conceive.

Considerations in IVF Treatment

After in vitro fertilization, it is understood within a few weeks whether there is a pregnancy or not. People with a positive pregnancy test should be very careful compared to normal pregnant women. Expectant mothers who become pregnant with the IVF method should first pay attention to their nutrition. Especially since it is stated that the first trimester will be risky, more care should be taken in this process. Quick and sudden movements should be avoided and plenty of water should be consumed.

Those who become pregnant with the IVF method and those who become pregnant through normal means should stay away from alcohol and cigarettes. Folic acid who is pregnant should be consumed a lot. In addition, brisk walking should be done as much as possible. Stress should be avoided as much as possible, especially in the first 3 months, and spiritual help should be sought when necessary. In addition, controls should be regularly visited at specified periods and the recommendations of the specialist who performed the operation should be observed.

Problems in IVF Treatment Application

Before starting IVF treatment, patients should be warned about possible problems. In the IVF treatments applied to date, one or more of the following problems have occurred in some patients:

In patients with benign cysts in the ovaries, in short, Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCO), problems such as difficulty in breathing due to excessive ovulation, fluid collection in the abdomen, formation of clots in the veins, and adverse effects on the lung may occur,
Some allergic reactions may occur against the drugs used in the treatment process,
There may be a problem of intra-abdominal bleeding,
There may be a risk of infection during the treatment process,
There may be some adverse conditions in patients who react to anesthetic applications,
There may be psychological problems.

After the Failed IVF Trial;

It is the dream of couples who want to have a baby but cannot be successful in IVF Treatment Method. In this regard, it is not the pregnancy rate that determines the success rate, but the healthy ongoing pregnancy. According to clinics, the success rate can reach up to 45%. It is common to fail, especially on the first try.

The reason for unsuccessful IVF attempts is that the tube channels are clogged. In addition, a genetic defect in the structure of the embryo was also among the reasons for failure. It is also one of the reasons why the embryo should crack after the drug is given, but this does not happen. Defects in the female uterine organ, chocolate cysts seen in many women are factors of failure. Excessive abscess in the woman's abdomen is also among the causes. Of course, the problems experienced in Male Sperm are also among the factors. In addition to all these, the poor laboratory environment and the application of an erroneous IVF treatment method are among the factors of failure.
After unsuccessful IVF application, the root of the problem should be determined by methods such as ultrasonography, uterine film, uterine camera investigation and genetic diagnosis. The exact determination of the problem is very important in terms of IVF treatment again.

The Process After a Failed IVF Treatment

Do not lose hope if IVF treatment fails. After the unsuccessful application, the reason for this unsuccessful IVF treatment is examined, and then a retry can be made within 1 or 2 months. When the factor causing the failure is fully understood, the in vitro fertilization treatment method is applied. In younger couples, the re-starting time may be slightly longer, but in couples over 35 years of age, re-treatment should be tested as soon as possible. In this process, in the opinion of experts, psychological treatment should be taken. Being patient and continuing the research is the key step in this process.

IVF Treatment Prices

The most worrying question in IVF application is the pricing of IVF treatment. The determining factor in this regard is the price list determined by the IVF center to which you apply. In other words, you can search all institutions related to pricing and choose accordingly. Factors such as examinations, application, treatment, and cure over the price are effective. It is seen that the prices of IVF centers with high success rates are higher.