Digressive What Organic Food Really Is and Food Certification


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18 May 2022
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Today, it is known that products that are not organic food and produced with pesticides and chemical fertilizers are hormonal and harmful to health. And after that, we started to see organic food labels everywhere. Since organic food labeled products are preferred by consumers, this has partially turned into a sales policy. Well, how true is the phrase "it is organic food" that you come across in the market, in the market and in many places?

What is Real Organic Food?

Do not think that every village product is organic food. Organic products and organic farming mean; hormones, synthetic chemicals, genetic engineering (GMO), antibiotics, irradiation-protected agricultural products and livestock means to be able to grow. For these to be possible; - It should be kept away from pesticides that remove harmful organisms, pesticides such as herbicides used against weeds or non-organic chemical fertilizers for a period of 3 years before the harvest. - If there is a field next to you that does not do organic farming and uses chemicals, you need to create a solid dividing buffer zone between you and it. - Organic fields cannot be close to the highway. - The settlement should not be located near the area where organic farming will be done. - Organic farming cannot be carried out in the region with contaminated groundwater.

Organic Food Certificate

A regulation on the principles and practice of organic agriculture has been established and accordingly; "Food, feed, seeds, soil conditioners, fertilizers or micro-organisms, half or all of which are produced from GMOs, containing or consisting of GMOs, cannot be used on crops to be farmed or animals to be raised." means. Even if farm animals are treated with antibiotics or hormones, these animals cannot be sold as organic. The Purpose of Organic Farming The aim of organic farming is to produce by protecting the environment, human, plant and animal health without polluting the soil, water and air, without disturbing its integrity.

The fact that the products are relatively expensive to others can cause problems in terms of purchasing power. If consumers want to buy products produced with organic farming, they should definitely want to see the organic farming certificates of the producers. Manufacturers must show this certificate.