Child What Should Be Done in Children with Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder?


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27 Tem 2022
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You have faced the following problems; "It doesn't have to be a cure, he'll get over it when he grows up." "He is a child, this is the place to do whatever, I was naughty when I was little." "We gave a lot of face and he was spoiled, so spoiled by it." "It's like he's not listening to us on purpose."

The sentences above are among the behavioral disorders encountered in some children and you may have seen them in your own child. What if your child has Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)? ADHD is a disease that needs to be treated, and we should not dismiss it as spoiled.

More on Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD):

1. Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is seen in children, adolescents and adults and is called a neurodevelopmental and behavioral disorder.

2. Early diagnosis is important in this disease process. For diagnosis, tests must be administered by the psychologist. A child psychiatrist should also diagnose ADHD.

3. ADHD is a treatable disease. Here, collective involvement is essential: The psychiatrist, clinical psychologist, parents, and of course the teacher will contribute to the treatment process.

4. When the disease is not treated, it is possible for the person to break away from social life. Still; Various behavioral disorders such as anxiety disorders, substance use, major depression, sleep disorders, low job success, problems in interpersonal relationships and behavioral disorders can be seen in ADHD patients.

Our Advice for Children with ADHD Diagnosis:

Talk openly about the rules with your child.

Determine the list of rules you have determined together and hang it in a visible place in the house, so everyone knows the rules are there. If the child is small, you can explain to them what the rules should be followed by pictures with the rules. You can support the rules with pictures and remind your child of them. Hug, kiss, and thank your child when he or she follows the rules.

Identify and create clear statements and routines.

Children with ADHD will take time to understand, so establish routines so they understand what is expected of them. Make sure your routines are predictable and consistent.

See the positive aspects of the child and support him.

The child's behavior may vary; may be evaluated negatively among family members, teachers, and friends. In this case, praise his positive behavior and his self-confidence will also increase. Children with ADHD may have unique behaviors, you need to understand that they are not doing it on purpose.

You should tell them "what they should do", not what they shouldn't do!

When your child engages in positive behavior, even if it's a small thing, praise the behavior in the moment. When you do this; The child understands that you are interested in him, which strengthens the feeling of importance and increases his self-confidence. Try rewarding positive behavior.

Play games to get rid of energy during the day.

You can play a board game. Your child will understand that he has to play this game according to the rules and it will be right for him to experience it. Again, this time you will spend with your child will strengthen their relationship with you.

Add new arrangements in your life.

It may be difficult for you to go to a shopping mall with your child; Look for a space to go shopping when you're alone.

You have to tell the stakes about what they did with him.

Be careful not to talk to your child in a way that will upset him. "You keep behaving the same way, I'm scared of you." Instead, try saying, "It really upsets me that you're acting like this."

You should avoid arguing!

Do not get into an argument with your child as a result of an unnecessary behavior, you must be clear and determined within the framework of the rules you apply. When your child takes his candy from his friend's hand, you should say, "I'm counting to three so you can give back your friend's candy."

Try to take time for yourself.

As parents, try to share responsibilities. Set your own time frame and let your child know about it. You will need to breathe too, remember that...