Baby What to Do When Newborn Baby Has Diarrhea


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27 Tem 2022
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Diarrhea in babies is a form of reaction that babies often encounter and are in a situation where they become weak.

Why Do Newborn Babies Have Diarrhea?
They are abnormal stomach reactions caused by a number of malignant viruses found in the intestinal and stomach regions of babies. In this way, undesirable situations such as diarrhea in babies can occur.
Some germs, bacteria and parasites that infect babies can become contagious by increasing the tendency of babies to have diarrhea.
Your baby may have had a disease, and the drug supplemented externally in this way may have triggered diarrhea. In these cases, of course, there may be situations such as diarrhea.
Although vomiting is often the result of your babies overfeeding, diarrhea can also be a rare occurrence.
How is Diarrhea Diagnosed in a Newborn Baby?
If there are times when you change your baby's diapers frequently, if you witness that his poop is more watery than usual, and if he cries when he has diarrhea, it means that your babies have diarrhea at a high rate. Diarrhea caused by various infections and viruses, your baby's fever and vomiting can also occur if precautions are not taken. If the necessary precautions are not taken and interventions are not taken to improve it, it means that your baby has a long-term disease process waiting at the door.

If your babies are pooping every 2 hours, it is a sign of diarrhea.
Having blood in your baby's poop is a sign of diarrhea.
A fever of 38 degrees in your baby is a sign of diarrhea.
Crying without tears in your baby's eyes is a sign of diarrhea.
Dry mouth in your baby is a sign of diarrhea.
Your baby peeing less than usual is a sign of diarrhea.
How is Diarrhea in Newborn Babies Treated?
Usually, mothers turn to drugs and supplements such as painkillers and fever reducers because their babies have diarrhea. However, when the disease virus, which is already under the influence of the body, dominates, such a behavior can trigger viruses and cause damage.

Diarrhea conditions can be controlled with treatment with doctor's controls.
As a result of the diagnosis made by your doctor after the examination, the drugs to be taken and after the supply of these drugs, they should be used carefully as recommended by your doctor.
Until your baby's recovery process, you should follow the steps given by your doctor in line with the advice.
After your baby's recovery process is completed, you should take him to the doctor again to have his final check-ups and make sure that the disease continues.