Baby Why is nutrition important in the womb?


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27 Tem 2022
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When we look at ourselves, nutrition can be defined as an action that we eliminate by taking food orally. So is this the only way to eat? Or how about nutrition in the womb, which we mentioned when we started it? How does the baby, who is not yet conscious or even fully awake, feed and develop? Why is nutrition important in the womb?

Let's start with the last question first.

Breastfeeding is not an option. If the baby does not get enough nutrients from the mother, it cannot develop and survive. Therefore, let alone its importance, this life is defined as a need. Of course, this vital need must be realized at a minimum level, and the best quality nutritional conditions must be created in order for the baby to continue the healthy development process. How is the baby fed in the womb?

Let's look for an answer to the question of whether the above-mentioned nutrition is only possible orally. When foods are taken orally under normal conditions, they break down in the stomach and become able to mix with the blood in the intestines. In other words, when nutrients become beneficial compounds to the body, they become a component of the blood. The fact that some patients are in a vein nutrition situation is also due to this quality. Babies are fed through nutrients that mix directly into the blood in the mother's womb, just like patients fed through a vein. During the development process, blood from the mother provides the baby with nutrients and other needs. The placenta and the cord tie are the elements that ensure the exchange of nutrients between the mother and the baby in this process.

Does the mother's diet affect the baby?

Certainly. As we mentioned, since the nutrient ratio in the mother's womb will pass directly to the baby, the more qualified the mother's nutrition, the better the baby will develop. Along with the vitamin and mineral ratios in the mother's womb, the nutritional values of the foods consumed are directly transferred to the baby. Therefore, the nutrition of the mother can be directly defined as the nutrition of the baby. At this point, the mother should pay attention to her diet throughout the pregnancy and even during the breastfeeding period. Because not only in the womb, but also during the breastfeeding process, babies benefit from the mother's nutrients.

Do the drugs used by the mother affect the baby?

Not only the drugs used by the mother, any chemicals consumed by the mother, and even the quality of the air she breathes are factors that directly affect the baby. Therefore, during pregnancy, no medication should be taken without the approval of a physician, and harmful habits such as alcohol and cigarettes should be strictly avoided. Do not forget that the alcohol or cigarette you will use will be directly mixed into the blood and transferred to the baby from there. In this case, irreversible markets may occur and the development of the baby may be seriously affected.

Any substance that the mother ate, drank or used may not have a negative effect on her. Or at least at first glance it may seem like it's not doing any harm. However, it should be noted that babies do not have the resistance that adults have. Therefore, you cannot even guess what kind of damage the substances we consume will cause them. Since the development process is defined as the cell-building process, every substance you consume can positively or negatively affect the baby's emergence process. All medical authorities have agreed that the healthiest pregnancy is the one in which no drugs or other chemicals are used. Of course, being able to provide organic nutrition and balanced nutrition conditions will result in a very good development of the baby.

Beware of excessive consumption

The effects of the mother's nutrition on the baby may be perceived as exaggerated by some of us, and it may be the case that more food is consumed than necessary. This is not healthy for both mother and baby. Especially when the mother gains too much weight during pregnancy, it is often the result of this approach. The mother's diet should be balanced and adequate and not overdone. Your doctor will inform you at this point and will warn you about how much weight you should gain and how much you should eat. It will not unconsciously cure any of the conditions we mentioned above. Moreover, excess weight can trigger insulin resistance during pregnancy, and such situations can produce undesirable results.