Digressive How to Make a Protein Diet?


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18 May 2022
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What is a Protein Diet?

Diet can be done for many purposes. We often hear that in order to achieve its goal, it is necessary to make an effective diet in line with the determined goal. For the desired change to be created in the body, a diet program that will serve that change needs to be implemented.

The Protein Diet, on the other hand, includes a protein-based diet. Its purpose is to increase muscle mass in the body.

With a protein-based diet, it is aimed to nourish and strengthen the muscles in the body and accordingly consume more energy. If the person's health condition is also suitable, it will be a very effective weight loss method. With the protein taken into the body, both the strengthening of the muscles and the increase in energy are accompanied by water loss. Seeing a rapid decrease in weight will also contribute to the motivation of the person.

How to Make a Protein Diet?

The first rule of this diet is to provide protein intake in proportion to one's body weight. There will be differences in the daily amount of protein to be taken according to the activity status of the person. If a normal individual weighs 80 kg, he will need to consume 100 g or 120 g of protein daily. However, an individual with kidney disease and less movement will follow a diet with less protein intake.

This value will increase even more when a protein diet is considered for an athlete. While doing this diet, pastries, which are carbohydrate foods, should be completely removed from life. It is necessary to be fed only with foods rich in protein such as eggs, milk, yoghurt, fish, meat, pulses. While preparing the portions with these products, it is absolutely necessary to consume less than the amount normally consumed.

There is both an energy-filled diet and less consumption. As a result of this diet, muscle mass reaches a normal level and an effective weight loss is observed as the body's energy use increases.