1. Elçines

    Digressive How to Create an Ideal Diet List?

    As the summer months are slowly approaching, excess weight has started to cause concern again, especially for women. There are many issues that need to be considered in order to reach the ideal weight and be healthier. It is important to remember that a good diet is not just a good list. It is...
  2. Elçines

    Digressive What is the Green Apple Diet, How is it Applied?

    Why green apple? Green apple, which is among the fat-burning foods, is a food that is frequently eaten during or after sports. Therefore, it must be included in today's diet programs. So, what is the green apple diet and how should it be applied? It is a method applied to meet the need...
  3. Abbey

    Digressive How to Make a Protein Diet?

    What is a Protein Diet? Diet can be done for many purposes. We often hear that in order to achieve its goal, it is necessary to make an effective diet in line with the determined goal. For the desired change to be created in the body, a diet program that will serve that change needs to be...
  4. Abbey

    Digressive What Should Be Considered While Dieting?

    What Should Be Considered While Dieting? At the beginning of the things that need to be known in order to make a healthy diet, it is necessary to know that it is necessary to get professional help. Otherwise, each person has to have a different body and a diet list that should be shaped...
  5. Elçines

    Digressive What Are the Recommended Dietary Methods?

    Recommended Dietary Methods In the summer, we see the efforts of men and women to diet. It is necessary to prevent obesity, which is increasing day by day, and we should not give up on a healthy life: We should remove unnecessary meals from our lives and love sports. Exercises are indispensable...